What is Vectronom?

Vectronom is a rhythm-based 3D platformer played in isometric view. Obstacles in the levels change in sync with the music, forcing players to memorize patterns and solve environment-specific riddles while moving to the beat of the music.

What about the collaboration between Ludopium and ARTE?

The collaboration between Ludopium and ARTE started in 2017. The Franco-German business accelerator Spielfabrique selected the Ludopium team to prototype the concept for Vectronom with the support of ARTE as co-producer. With the prototype well received by critics and the public alike, Vectronom has also been recognized with multiple awards including, Best Game at the Indie Arena Booth at gamescom 2018.

Why am I a cube?

Don’t be a square.

How do I keep the rhythm?

Find your path through an ever-changing world, keeping the rhythm with every move you make. Think it sounds easy? The highly intuitive and addictive gameplay will keep you moving through daunting challenges… But how long will you last when the challenges get trickier and trickier? Better play to find out!

What’s up with the music?

Level design and music composition happen simultaneously, with each influencing the other in the process of creating the game.

It’s important that the architecture and spirit of each level is not only represented visually, but also through music. The patterns the player must learn in order to advance are unique expressions of the music, performed by a dancing cube controlled by a (hopefully) dancing player.

On which platform will I find this game?

Vectronom will be available for PC/Mac and Nintendo Switch at launch and later on mobile.

How do I play this?

You play with the arrow keys (WASD). We recommend headphones or speakers when playing, the key is to dance as much as possible to follow the beat seamlessly.

I want to listen to the music, where can I?

We plan to release the demo soundtrack before the release of the game, so stay tuned.

Until then, listen to music done inhouse for previous prototypes and random experiments:



Will I want to speed run it?

We are all big fans of speedrunning and it would be a dream come true if you would attempt it. We plan to build in features to make it easier to achieve.